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The Island Of Košljun – Legend About The Emergence


Košljun is a tiny island in Puntarska Draga bay off the coast of Krk, facing Punat.

It is approximately 300 meters in diameter and covers an area of 6.5 hectares, but is rich in vegetation. The only inhabitants are a group of Franciscan monks living in St. Mary’s Monastery.

Košljun is also a nature reserve and a cultural monument, with over 540 species of green plants and 151 mushroom species.


Only a 10-minute boat ride from Punat.


According to the local legends, the whole Puntarska Draga bay was once a field that was being cultivated by two brothers, one of whom was blind. Although they worked together to cultivate the land, the brother deceived his blind brother when dividing the estate. It caused God’s wrath so that God flooded the sea with the whole field, and kept only the house of a blind brother with a small surrounding estate.

Although legend, there are still some facts that indicate that the existence of such a legend is not a coincidence. Namely, at the entrance to Puntarska Draga bay, the beautiful sea is very shallow. By the end of the 19th century entrance to the bay was so shallow (about 2 meters) that no larger boats could enter the bay, while the entrance was not deepened in 1892.  In addition, even today, in the sea, there are long dry walls in the sea, no one remembers, and for which there is still no explanation of who made them and when it was made. 

In connection with the mentioned drywall there is another interesting local legend, according to which the monks from Košljun, during the time of an insignificant walk passed from Košljun to the locality of St. Mikul on the peninsula Prnib. They were walking on one of the mentioned submarine drywalls, and the sea was up to their knees.  Indeed, at a time of noon the waterway in this area is quite limited for the boats with a weaver greater than 1.5 meters precisely because of the mentioned drywall under the sea.



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