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Olive Oil From The Island Of Krk

Olive oil from the island of Krk has been a part of the EU Register of Protected Designations of Origins and Protected Geographical Indications since 6th of July 2016.

The Production

The production of olive oil from the island of Krk takes place exclusively in the area of the island of Krk and small islands located within the administrative boundaries of the City of Krk and the municipalities Baška, Vrbnik, Punat, Dobrinj, Malinska -Dubašnica and Omišalj.

Krk olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from the fruit of the olive. The processes of production is exclusively mechanical from indigenous olive groves of Krk island: Debela, Naška, Rošulja and Slatka, which must be represented individually or together in the smallest proportion of 80%. For the production of Krk olive oil other varieties from  defined geographical area can also be used but not in the share of more than 20%.

Climate and Taste

The island of Krk is Croatia’s northernmost island and the continent’s influence on the Mediterranean climate is most pronounced here, and it is known that olives grown in such areas provide high oleic acid and polyphenolic oils that protect Krk olive oil from the breakdown and give it freshness and aromaticity. During the low temperature winter, even the appearance of snow, and in the summer of high temperatures, droughts and sloth terrains create the biological stress that olives correspond to the creation of secondary polyphenols, high-value components that give the specificity of Krk olive oil.

Piquancy and bitterness are a positive feature of Krk olive oil, and the result is a high content of polyphenols which also possess antioxidant properties and protect oil from oxidation damage.

The interaction between local natural factors, autochthonous varieties, human factors and the tradition of olive growing and oiling has given rise to the product called Krk olive oil, whose characteristics are unique for the whole of the island of Krk.


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