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Nightlife Guide On Krk Island – Top Places To Visit

Krk Island has a nightlife to remember. Your holiday wont be boring if you decide to visit any of these places that we wrote about. Keep in mind also that during the summer season there are many other outdoor events which will make your holiday super fun. If you want to be up to date with the events on Krk just follow our event page.

Ok, so lets start, here are the best places to go out and have fun in Krk. 

Cocktail bar Volsonis (The Secret Garden) in Krk City

Definitely the most special place on Krk. It is located under the ruins of an ancient roman archaeological site under the ground. There are free guided tours so you can check them out during day and at night you can enjoy  cocktails, live music and great DJ’s in a secret garden. It also has a two-floor indoor club. The excavation of Volsonis began in 1999. Many tombstones, altars and other antiquites were found, but one of the most interesting is the altar of Venus, the goddess of Love. The name Volsonis was given because of the many tombstones that were found, and one of them belonged to Volson, one of the roman city rulers of Krk.  Find out more about the Volsonis and future events on Volsonis official website.

Nightclub Boa in Malinska

Club Boa was opened in 2006 and it is located in Malinska. It has a sister club in Rovinj and Rijeka that are considered as one of the fanciest palaces for a good night fun. Club Boa in Malinska has a real life boa inside the terrarium. The club itself is in a cellar and it is the main place to go to when you are in the mood for electronical and techno-based dance music.

Club/Bar Casa Del Padrone

Casa Del Padrone is an interesting combination of a pastry shop and a great place for coffee and breakfast during the day and at night it becomes one of the best lounge bars in Krk. It is located in the City of Krk and it is most famous for its great cocktails of all kinds of drinks and fruits. Very often they have themed parties and attractive hostesses.

Pub Tiffany

Pub Tiffany is a casual place for a coffee and cold beer during the day and a good night fun during the night. They are mostly oriented on great rock and disco numbers of the past. Perfect for a lazy summer night!

All in all nightlife in Krk is not so much about quantity but about the quality of the offer. Besides the bars and the clubs there are a variety of cafes where you can enjoy yourself.  Lots of evening manifestations, fiestas and concerts are held all throughout the summer season, so we are sure you will find something to enjoy in.



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