Stara Baška, Krk Island

Stara Baška (Old Baška), Krk Island, Croatia


Town: Stara Baška (Old Baška)
Country: Croatia

County: Primorsko-goranska
Island: Krk Island
Population: 95 (2001)
Postal code: 51 521
Area code: 051

Stara Baška is a small village in the island of Krk located in the south-west part of the island. The village was formed in the 14th century as a shelter for Turkish refugees.

The village is only 2 kilometres long, and throughout its length there are lots of beaches, so everywhere you go you can simply dive into the sea and refresh yourself.

The variety of beaches on a such a short longitude is fabulous. Stone beaches, sandy beaches and rocky beaches. Essentially everything your heart desires is right there on a 2 kilometres long stroll. The Zala beach is the most famous beach there so you absolutely have to visit her when staying in Stara Baška. 

Very specific terrain with lots of cliffs has resulted that the houses are distant from each other, unlike in all the other places in the island of Krk.  The village is known to be the windiest place in the island.

Towards the end of the village there is a port, that accommodates a lot of local boats, but is deep enough to accommodate a safe haven to larger ships as well. So if you are more of a sailing kind of person, Stara Baška and its port is a place for you. 

In the village there is only one market and one tavern, total of 3 restaurants that work during the summer and a pizza place. Basically you won’t get hungry, but Stara Baška is more of a place for an active vacation. Its macadame roads that lead through the island’s highest peak Obzova, or a 2 kilometres long stroll along the village with beaches available only by foot, will make any nature lover fall in love with this charming little village in the island of Krk.

Stara Baška will also provide you with the most spectacular view of the island Cres, Rab and part of the island Krk as well.