Omišalj, Krk Island

Omišalj, Krk Island, Croatia


Town: Omišalj
Country: Croatia

County: Primorsko-goranska
Island: Krk Island
Population: 1.790 (2011)
Postal code: 51 513
Area code: 051

Omišalj is one of the oldest and smallest places in the island of Krk. It was built by Romans in the 3rd century and his Roman name was Fulfinum. It is located in the north-west of the island of Krk, and is situated on the cliff overlooking the bay of Kvarner, about 80 meters above sea level. The population of this coastal town is only 1,790 people. This is one of the things that makes this town so charming.

There is one thing that you most definitely wouldn’t expect from this little town and that is the fact that it is a host to Rijeka airport  as well as Rijeka oil terminal. So if you want to travel by airplane the island of Krk and especially Omišalj is a great choice for you.

Although it is a small town, there is a lot of cultural heritage that you can visit, such as the local lapidaries where you can see the stone fragments and monuments which is a great way to start your site seeing tour.

In the town centre which is a car free zone, because of its small and narrow streets , you can visit the “Assumption” parish with a beautiful bell tower, the city’s Lodge and the Chapel of St.Helen. Important celebration takes place every year on the eve of the catholic holiday of the Assumption of Mary “Stomorina”, a dance between a man and a woman who raise a flag with a crown on the top on the town square.

Omišalj is an important cultural an glagolitic centre, so if you are one of those people who enjoys a good history as well as beautiful beaches and blazingly  pearl sea , Omišalj is the perfect place for you.