Njivice, Krk Island

Njivice, Krk Island, Croatia


Town: Njivice
Country: Croatia

County: Primorsko-goranska
Island: Krk Island
Population: 1.115 (2011)
Postal code: 51 512
Area code: 051

If you are up for something new, just come to Njivice and see what a newest-built town on the island of Krk looks like. Its development took place only thanks to you guys.

The town has probably been inhabited since ancient times, but in 1930, not so distant past from now, Njivice got its first hotel, and the transformation of a small fishing town into one of the biggest tourism centres on the island of Krk began.

Lots of beaches, restaurants, hotels, camping sites, cafes and pastry shops is all something you can see or visit while you are having a holiday of your life.

A small port boarded by beaches in the centre is a place where you will probably be spending most of your time, and no-one could blame you, because most of the best things that Njivice has to offer is situated right there, in the strict centre of Njivice.

For all of you looking for a nice romantic getaway from the centre of fun and sun, at the end of the town beaches there is a nice romantic path through shades by a beautiful sparkling blue sea. The promenade is over one kilometre long, so it should be just the right amount of time to make someone fall in love with you all over again, or maybe even for the first time.

We predict that you will most definitely fall in love with Njivice. Come and see what life is all about and enjoy your summer holiday, by getting to know the island culture through experiencing traditional folklore, listening to a cappella singers and visiting exhibitions of renowned artists.