City of Krk, Krk Island

City of Krk, Krk Island, Croatia

City of Krk

Town: City of Krk
Country: Croatia

County: Primorsko-goranska
Island: Krk Island
Population: 6.243 (2011)
Postal code: 51 500
Area code: 051

The city of Krk is the largest settlement on the island of Krk and one of the oldest urban settlements in Croatia. The first inhabitants of City of Krk were the Illyrian tribe Japodi, and after that came Liburni. Some historians claim that Homer also knew about the Island of Krk. In his epic he has mentioned Koureto for which historians think is Krk.

The town of Krk is the administrative, industrial, political and religious center of the island of Krk. The former city of Krk was surrounded by city walls that, together with the city gates and fortresses, determine the interior layout of the city. These walls are the third largest city walls in Croatia, right after the walls of Dubrovnik and Ston.

In addition to the city walls from the historical sights, the Krk Cathedral, which is located on the elevated part, is dominated the city’s silhouette. Today’s cathedral was built mostly in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The city of Krk is economically most developed island town in Croatia, and the town is the seat of the company GP Krk, the largest construction company in that county.

Krk has a long tradition in tourism and the first signs of hospitality industry are in the early Middle Ages, and the first guests were Czechs. Today, Krk is the top destination for people from all over the world, mostly Slovenians, Czechs, Hungarians, Germans and Italians.

The town of Krk offers different types of accommodation from hotels, hostels, camps to private accommodation.

The city of Krk consists of 15 settlements: Bajčići, Brusići, Brzac, Kornić, Krk, Lakmartin, Linardići, Milohnići, Muraj, Nenadići, Pinezići, Poljica, Skrbčići, Vrh and Žgaljići.