Krk Island

Krk Island, Croatia

Krk Island is located in the Primorsko-Goranska County and belongs to Kvarner group of islands located on the northern Adriatic between the Istrian peninsula and the Croatian PrimorjeNext to the island of Cres, which is almost identical in size, Krk is the largest island in Croatia. Krk is also the island with the highest number of the populated places in Croatia, 68. The most famous places are Krk city, Malinska, Baška, Punat, Vrbnik, Njivice, etc. Here you can find all places on the Island of Krk.

krk island

Krk Island has around 19,286 inhabitants (from the year 2011). In the last 30 years, the island of Krk recorded a steady increase in population. One of the main causes of population growth is the construction of the Krk Bridge in 1980.

Krk Island is only 30 kilometres away from the city of Rijeka. Rijeka is a centre of Kvarner, in business, commercial, traffic and cultural sense .

Krk Island has many beautiful beaches, and Vela plaža (Vela Beach) in Baška is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Krk is ideal for cycling but also great for all other forms of activities and adventures. Many beaches have a “Blue Flag” certificate that signifies sea cleanliness, beach amenities and security.

A rich cultural and historical heritage, delicious local cuisine, beautiful beaches and a multitude of activities make the island of Krk an ideal place for your perfect vacation.


The island of Krk was inhabited in prehistoric times because of the pleasant mediterian climate, springs of drinking water, lush vegetation and geographical diversity. 1000 years before Cr. Illyrians came to the island and lived there for up to 400 years before Cr. when Kelts pushed them off the island.

The Kelts have not remained in Krk for a long time. After them came another Illyrian tribe, the Liburnian who have lived on the Krk for about 1000 years, until the arrival of Croats in the 7th century. The exact date is not known when the Romans settled in Krk, but it is officially assumed that it was 9 years after Christ. Their power over the island lasted until year 480.

Croats settled on the island of Krk at the end of the 6th or early 7th century, although there is no accurate data for it. Croats have accepted Christianity as a religion and Glagolitic as their letter. Evidence for this is a large number of churches and chapels that are mentioned in the 11th century.


Krk is one of the most important cultural centres of Croatian culture. The oldest preserved text in Croatian, the Baška tablet, written in the Glagolitic alphabet was found there and to this day it is preserved in the Krk island.

Number seven is a really important number for Krk, because it is believed that it was inhabited by the Croatians in the 7th century. Also, Krk has been a target to pirate attacks and he has managed to survive those attacks seven times. The last Prince of Krk was the seventh nobleman from the Frankopan family, and least but not last, today Krk has seven centres.

Krk is also very often referred as the golden island, the “Insula Aurea”.


When staying in Krk, you don’t have to worry about not having a place to stay. Krk offers a variety of accommodation places from hotels, camps , private houses with rooms and apartments and much more. Anything you choose, you can be sure that the location of accommodation will be on the all the most beautiful spots on the island.