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Krk Island – The Most Popular Island in the Adriatic

If you want to experience diversity in your travels, you will need to take time out from your busy schedule and plan a visit to the Krk island. The Croatian enclave is the most visited isle in the north Adriatic Sea, and is located in the Bay of Kvarner.

A Mediterranean Climate

Krk is also the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, spanning over an area of approximately 410 kilometers. The highest peak on the island is Obzova, which soars up to 569 meters. In addition, visitors cannot help but note Krk’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, whose average temperature is a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius.

Lakes on the Island of Krk

You can visit two lakes on Krk Island: one is named Ponikva and the other one is known as Jezero. If you wish to experience cooler temperatures, plan a trip to Lake Ponikva, which is normally 10 degrees cooler than all the other sites on the island. The capital of the island is also named Krk, while other featured locales include the following:

  • The town of Omišalj
  • Baška Beach – a popular beach
  • The municipality of Punat and its well-known boat marina
  • The Vrbnik wine region
  • The historical town of Dobrinj

Baška beach

Arranging Travel Is Easy

Krk Island, which is the northernmost isle in the Adriatic, is also extremely accessible. The Krk Bridge links the island of Krk to Croatia. In addition, Krk is home to an international airport, which makes it simple to arrange travel to the destination.

A Must-See Attraction for Tourists

Once again, the diversity of the location makes Krk Island a must-see attraction for tourists. Visitors can explore ancient towns, thousands of years old, small rustic villages, beautiful beaches, and secluded bays. You can also check out the lively club scene at night, or opt for a meal at a small and peaceful dining establishment.

Krk island history


This one-of-a-kind island is also an ideal venue to learn more about Croatian heritage. A visit to any of the following towns will provide you with an interesting learning experience:

  • Baška
  • Vrbnik
  • Punat
  • Malinska
  • Šilo

In addition, you can savor the serenity of bucolic areas such as Brzac Village.

A Wide Array of Accommodations

If you are seeking accommodation, you will find that the choices, like this island, are also diverse. Select a stay at a smaller family hotel or secure an accommodation at a camp, in a room, in an apartment, or at a large hotel. Many of the facilities are located by the sea or are surrounded by the majesty of the area’s pines.

Just a Short Stroll to the Beach

Once you settle into your accommodations, you are usually only a short stroll from the beach. Therefore, visitors often enjoy such activities as snorkeling or swimming. In addition, you can find over 10 diving centers on Krk Island.

In order to scuba dive, though, you have to possess a diving certification card along with a Croatian dive permit. The permit, which can be easily obtained, can be purchased at a dive center for a low cost and lasts for a year. After a day of swimming or diving, enjoy a meal at a local restaurant or satisfy your taste buds with an ice cream cone or sundae, either of which can be purchased at a parlor on the island.

Krk island


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