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Legends From Krk Island – Fisherman’s legend #1

Krk island has a long tradition of interesting legends involving damsel in distress, evil fishermen and so much more. We want to share some of them with because we consider them to be a rich cultural heritage. We are going to start with a legend about an unfaithful fisherman and how his infidelity led to a constantly stormy part of the island.

There is the main character of the treacherous fisherman who was engaged with a girl from Baška, but instead of marring her he left her for another girl. That is why the first girl took off his ring, then swept to the boat into the strait of Senj Gate, and threw it into the sea screaming, “Let the sea swallow you like this ring!”

This unfaithful fisherman among all other nasty things,  did not want to give his tenth to maintain the votive church of St. Nicholas, who is the patron of the local fishermen. For all these sins, God punished him so that he did not go to underground hell, but sent him into a stormy hell where he was injured. Since than he has to go there for each storm, and paddle constantly in the boat at the place where his engagement ring was thrown, but no matter how fervently he paddles he can not get to the shore.

The Old Votive Church of St. Nicholas was built in the Middle Age at the cross between the Marna and Bracol bays, but the islanders abandoned it and now it is a ruin. Until this day uninterrupted storms and terrible orcs are a constant in that area. That is God’s punishment for the islanders until they repair the votive church.

There is also a welcoming Fish Spirit (Macarol) that stands in the evening or early sunrise on the seafront as a dwarf with a red cap. He is the patron of fishing, and that’s why old fishermen used to leave him the coastal rocks in the evening so that he would bless them with a richer fish catch the next night. 


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