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The island of Krk, also known as the golden island or “Insula Aurea”, is the largest island in the Adriatic sea. It is located in the northern Adriatic sea between the Istrian peninsula in the west and Croatian Primorje in the east, it belongs to a group of islands referred to as the Kvarner Bay.

It belongs to the Primorsko-goranska county and it is divided into the City of Krk as the main administrative quarter and six municipalities: Malinska, Omišalj, Punat, Baška, Vrbnik and Dobrinj.

Its mild Mediterranean climate, good geographical position, natural and cultural diversity makes it one the most favourite tourist attractions in Croatia.

Krk Island offers a little bit of everything for anyones taste. If you are a fan of lovely beaches, in Krk you can find a wide range for everyones taste. From stone beaches to sandy beaches, all located in one Island, depending where you are staying. Krk takes care of its environment, and takes all the protection measures to preserve natural beauty. You will find lost of blue flags on different beaches as an indication of their high environmental and quality standards. If you prefer active holidays there are different types of sports you can enjoy.

One of the most important things about Krk is its connection to the mainland. The Island of Krk is very available to reach. It is connected via 1,430m two-arch bridge, you can travel by plane beacuse it has an airoport as well, or you can take a boat or a ferry.

There are lots of restaurants, cafes, lounge bars for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. In almost every restaurant you can try hand made pasta which we highly recommend. While staying at Krk, visit their “House of Krk’s prosciutto” and try it out, it is absolutely delicious.